Welcome to heaven. This Kiwi Banana Superfood Smoothie Bowl is SO GOOD + is LOADED with all your nutrients.

If you’re looking for an immunity boost look no further. The LIVEDEN Superfood is loaded with all your immune strengthening nutrients, add in the extra Vitamin C with the Kiwi, and this is a POWER-PACK.

With only 4 ingredients this Superfood Smoothie Bowl is Quick + Easy. Family Favorite. Guaranteed LOVE.

Kiwi Banana Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Immune Boosting Smoothie Bowl

Kiwi Banana Superfood Smoothie Bowl 

3 Kiwi (peeled, or cut and scoop out)
2 Frozen Bananas⠀
1 scoop (or 2 TBSP) LIVEDEN Superfood

Put the above ingredients in your blender.  

Blend SLOWLY (to keep it thick). Top with Hemp Seeds + extra Kiwi slices, and ENJOY! ⠀

This recipe makes enough for 2 (if you want to share) and includes all your:⠀

Pre + Probiotics⠀
Plant + Vegetable Based Protein⠀
All Essential Vitamins + Minerals⠀
Digestive Enzymes for a Healthy Gut⠀
Powerhouse Greens including Spirulina + Chlorella
Antioxidants for Healthy Cell Support ⠀
Adaptogen + Hormone Support⠀
Essentials for Healthy Hair, Skin, + Nails⠀
Neural (Brain) Support
Immune Support
Yep. All in ONE delicious little bowl. It’s the beauty of LIVEDEN. We put it all in there, so you don’t have to.

It’s your ALL-IN-ONE fuel for your body, energy for your day, BEAUTIFUL YOU food.  It’s the PURE. BALANCED. LIFE.™ ⠀



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