You’ll wonder where this smoothie has been your whole life.  Our Kefir Delight Superfood Smoothie was one of the first in the Pure Balanced Life smoothie series…because it is THAT GOOD.

Only 4 ingredients but loaded with all the powerhouse nutrients needed to BALANCE YOUR BODY and NOURISH + HEAL THE GUT.

This delicious smoothie includes the power of Kefir. If Kefir isn’t already a part of your life, it needs to be.

The Perfect Pair

Your LIVEDEN Superfood already includes all your essential healthy gut pre and probiotics, but sometimes we just need a little extra. Hello Kefir.

The Benefits of Kefir

Kefir is known as THE Probiotic drink. It contains many bioactive compounds, including up to 30 different strains of healthy bacteria.

The benefits include: boosts immunity, promotes digestive health, builds bone strength, supports healthy skin, and allergy reduction. Kefir is a wonderful source of probiotics, which aid in gut health, as well as Calcium, Protein, B Vitamins, Potassium, and more.


The blend of Kefir and LIVEDEN ONE Superfood make this smoothie an absolute healthy gut powerhouse. Remember, a healthy gut is the KEY to have proper nutrient absorption in the body.


You can make this with any flavor of Kefir, strawberry is just a favorite over here!

Kefir Delight LIVEDEN ONE Superfood Smoothie

Only 4 ingredients and OH SO GOOD. Here is the easy recipe:

Kefir Delight Superfood Smoothie

• 1 c. Strawberry Kefir

• 6 Frozen Strawberries

• 1 small Banana

• 2 TBSP (or one scoop) LIVEDEN ONE Superfood



This smoothie tastes like a dessert but has all you need to nourish (and heal) the gut, balance the body, and fuel the mind.

Are you maximizing your LIVEDEN ONE Superfood?  We want you to LOOK + FEEL your best!  Learn our Top 7 essentials to help you get your best results with your LIVEDEN ONE Superfood.


Body Balanced. Life Changed.™